Friday, January 20, 2012

"Sub-Sonic" TALON and Russian Su-47 Berkut.  The Berkut has a four servo set-up. Two servos on each side of the lower nacelle. One to operate the elevators and canards and the other for the ailerons.
The Sub-sonic TALON will have three servos. One for the elevator and canard and one for each aileron.

"MACH" TALON 7 Chinese Chengdu J-20

TALON @ 6.  Gizmos go in the lower nacelles.

MACH TALON ventral view. Note the simple control surface config: Thrust-vectoring vanes tied to the ailerons and moved by one servo per side for a three channel setup. The canards are fixed in a neutral position.

MACH TALON @1. Ready for Gizmos. Or paint?

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