Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last week or so I exchanged e-mail with Scott about how I saw some intriging similarities in shape and proportion between the F-18 and the Sukoi Berkut. I ask him if he'd thought of doing a Berkut after doing the PAK FA. He said that the Berkut was not on his radar and if I wanted to give it a try to have at it but if I were to publish plans they could not include any pieces original to the F-18v2. Fair enough. I told him I had no desire to infringe on his copyright. So with my BERKUT drawings as a guide I  have created, using my hand drafting instruments and a calculator, the components one can add to Scott's F-18v2 Fuse and make a 3D Su-47 Berkut that is 53" long with a 39" wingspan.
I haven't rendered it in foam yet.
Here are pictures of my foam-core templates pinned and rubber-banded together.

What do you think?

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