Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here is the link to my PDF pattern for the main wing and nacelle / rudder pieces for the conversion of a RCP F-18v2 Hornet into a Su-47 BERKUT.

I did not do this in a computer. I used a calculator to figure the dimension % between my profile BERKUT (made from an orthographies of the Sukoi plane) and the F-18v2 and laid this out by hand with a pencil. The PDF is a tracing onto 30x42 paper of my original pattern pieces that I then scanned with a large format scanner and converted to a PDF. I have plotted this PDF and it plots to the scale graph on the pattern when plotted on a 30x42 paper size. The tabs and slots are labeled and it mates up to all the respective existing tabs and slots on the RCP F-18v2 that the F-18 wing and nacelle use. The two piece pattern includes a wing half and a nacelle/rudder half that fit together and mate to the F-18 Fuse.
Here are pics of my first BERKUT v2

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