Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alexander Dultsec's design renderings for Sukhoi's PAK FA program included a delta wing sixth generation looking design.

Dultec's Delta PAK FA @7
 My 5EZP Su-60 Delta PAK FA @7
 Design pattern on build table.
PAK FA D@5 inflight
PAK FA D @ 9

Link to maiden flight:

Drawings and photos of my J-21 park-jet project.
 This is my "Subversion" of my 5EZP F-22 Raptor into a Chinese J-21 Snow Owl

 Here is the same thing using RCPowers F-22v2 plan. You'd have to buy there plan to do this.
Picture of Shenyang's model of the J-21
 J-21 taking off.
 Another pic of their model.
 An early concept drawing.
The Shneyang China J-21 Snow Owl stealth fighter.
Walk around of my new J-21 Snow (White) Owl park-jet.

Flight of China's J-21 Snow Owl park-jet

Walk Around video of my new 1/12th scale MiG-29.