Saturday, January 14, 2012


O.K. I've not blogged before.
I am a published writer so I guess I have some ability in this area. So please bear with me.
Like so many I was first smitten by model planes as a young boy. My Uncle Robert, whom as it turns out I'm named after, owned a Hobby Store for many years before he died. My older brother has a gorgeous balsa-wood B-29 that Robert hand carved. When we visited my cousins in Baton Rogue they had scratch-built nitro wire guided planes. When I saw them flying I was hooked.
That was 50 years ago. Once my children were raised I thought I would give my dream of R/C planes a go. Last July I finally did.
I bought the RCPowers "Ultimate Course" to get up to speed on the Hobby. Then I also got the REAL-FLIGHT BASIC  simulator and started crashing cyber-planes with gusto.
It took a few months but I soon was able to fly and even, amazing as it seems, land my planes in one piece.
Having built many architectural models over the years scratch-building in foam came naturally and soon I was churning out planes with alarming regularity.
So in the coming weeks I will post some of my pics and vids and blog about my current projects as though some one out there is actually interested.
Keep Flying.

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