Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walk around of my 3D BERKUT.
A very special THANKS TO Bill Segraves (inventor of "SCALE AND TILE3") who has sent me a Tiled Version of my PDF of my BERKUT/Hornet subversion. This will be a great help to my oversees flying buddies.
Thanks again Bill !

I've got to get my own copy of this program.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Glide testing of the BERKUT v2

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The MACH F/A-37 TALON flies!

The PDF pattern for this TALON @
Here is the link to my PDF pattern for the main wing and nacelle / rudder pieces for the conversion of a RCP F-18v2 Hornet into a Su-47 BERKUT.

I did not do this in a computer. I used a calculator to figure the dimension % between my profile BERKUT (made from an orthographies of the Sukoi plane) and the F-18v2 and laid this out by hand with a pencil. The PDF is a tracing onto 30x42 paper of my original pattern pieces that I then scanned with a large format scanner and converted to a PDF. I have plotted this PDF and it plots to the scale graph on the pattern when plotted on a 30x42 paper size. The tabs and slots are labeled and it mates up to all the respective existing tabs and slots on the RCP F-18v2 that the F-18 wing and nacelle use. The two piece pattern includes a wing half and a nacelle/rudder half that fit together and mate to the F-18 Fuse.
Here are pics of my first BERKUT v2

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last week or so I exchanged e-mail with Scott about how I saw some intriging similarities in shape and proportion between the F-18 and the Sukoi Berkut. I ask him if he'd thought of doing a Berkut after doing the PAK FA. He said that the Berkut was not on his radar and if I wanted to give it a try to have at it but if I were to publish plans they could not include any pieces original to the F-18v2. Fair enough. I told him I had no desire to infringe on his copyright. So with my BERKUT drawings as a guide I  have created, using my hand drafting instruments and a calculator, the components one can add to Scott's F-18v2 Fuse and make a 3D Su-47 Berkut that is 53" long with a 39" wingspan.
I haven't rendered it in foam yet.
Here are pictures of my foam-core templates pinned and rubber-banded together.

What do you think?

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Sub-Sonic" TALON and Russian Su-47 Berkut.  The Berkut has a four servo set-up. Two servos on each side of the lower nacelle. One to operate the elevators and canards and the other for the ailerons.
The Sub-sonic TALON will have three servos. One for the elevator and canard and one for each aileron.

"MACH" TALON 7 Chinese Chengdu J-20

TALON @ 6.  Gizmos go in the lower nacelles.

MACH TALON ventral view. Note the simple control surface config: Thrust-vectoring vanes tied to the ailerons and moved by one servo per side for a three channel setup. The canards are fixed in a neutral position.

MACH TALON @1. Ready for Gizmos. Or paint?
Here is the Revised MACH TALON.

The latest rendition of the "Subsonic" TALON flown in the glide video.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A January evening spin in the wind.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here is my redesigned "Sub-sonic" configuration of the AF-37 TALON stealth fighter from the movie. I have shortened the wings and moved them forward. In addition the lower nacelle and rudders are canted slightly outward in relation to the planes centerline. 
Gliding characteristics are much improved over the previous version so I am ready to glue her together and attach all the powered flight gizmos.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My latest TALON in the "Subsonic" configuration. Glide test video tomorrow.

Here is the preliminary revised wing layout for the TALON.
Pouring rain here so no glide testing.

I also realized that I did not set the lower nacelle and thus the rudders at a slight angle to the centerline with the narrowest part at the intakes. I'm talking 1.125" at the most. I've done this on all my FEP planes. It helps with their stability I think. Gonna have to fix this.

Stay tuned for the final Five Easy Piece TALON.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

                              Bobdaeronort R_C Projects 2011 1 bobdaeronort 42 views A brief montage of my R/C Plane Projects from 2011.                
Development slideshow of my AF-37 TALON (from the movie Stealth) project.
AF-37 TALON Park jet 
Yet another link this time to my "MACH" TALON project.
TALON Test & bobdaeronort 32 views A brief walk-around of my new and improved AF-37 "MACH" TALON
Here is a link to the video of one of my current projects.
         SS TALON T&B.m4v


O.K. I've not blogged before.
I am a published writer so I guess I have some ability in this area. So please bear with me.
Like so many I was first smitten by model planes as a young boy. My Uncle Robert, whom as it turns out I'm named after, owned a Hobby Store for many years before he died. My older brother has a gorgeous balsa-wood B-29 that Robert hand carved. When we visited my cousins in Baton Rogue they had scratch-built nitro wire guided planes. When I saw them flying I was hooked.
That was 50 years ago. Once my children were raised I thought I would give my dream of R/C planes a go. Last July I finally did.
I bought the RCPowers "Ultimate Course" to get up to speed on the Hobby. Then I also got the REAL-FLIGHT BASIC  simulator and started crashing cyber-planes with gusto.
It took a few months but I soon was able to fly and even, amazing as it seems, land my planes in one piece.
Having built many architectural models over the years scratch-building in foam came naturally and soon I was churning out planes with alarming regularity.
So in the coming weeks I will post some of my pics and vids and blog about my current projects as though some one out there is actually interested.
Keep Flying.