Wednesday, February 22, 2012

With the weather outside delivering one windy rainy day after another, here is my latest build Project,  the F-14 Tomcat in my "Five Easy Piece" methodology.
The Five Easy Piece TomCat is 42" long with a 30" KFm2 wingspan the same size as my RCP Mig-29.
The Five Easy Piece protocol makes for a pretty light weight plane.
To reduce the prop-wash drag I created a leading edge hinge out of a 3mm carbon rod and plastic soda straws for the tailerons which like the F-18 Hornet are set below the main wing.
I'm using a two servo set-up three channel for the tailerons.
I'm going to use a Grayson Hobby Micro-jet v3 2200kv motor on the maiden (same motor as my RCP Mig-29). Then I will upgrade to the SMJv2 with a 7x5 prop to see if I can pick-up some speed.
Had to do a quick indoor glide test before the BABE came home but didn't get a video. It glides just like the MACH TALON.

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