Monday, February 6, 2012

Since I've flown the MACH TALON nano (38"L) with the original ( STEALTH MOVIE VERSION) Talon delta wing config I have to say it's a better looker and performer than the 48" version. 

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The battery placement for the CG concerns me cause it's way out on the nose. However one can glue a bit of packing foam on just ahead of the battery and shape it to the nose and battery section for better aerodynamics. 
I'm going to retire my 48" MACH TALON and try the motor on the SS TALON and then do an 80% SS TALON with the MJv3 motor and a two servo set-up. IMO the MJv3 performs so much better on the 80% Nano than than the SMjv2 does on the 48" Talons. 
My goal is to redesign the SS TALON to use the same trailing edge angle and servo set-up as the MACH version to simplify the builds with a nod towards some form of an operational switchblade wing.

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